Live Casino

Live Casino games provide the most realistic gaming experience to players all around the world. This is because the games include an actual live dealer in the same way as you would find in a land-based casino. This is one of the biggest advances in the online casino market, which has also turned out to be a major success for players ranging from beginners to professionals.

Discover the best Live Casino Games in Canada

A few years ago, online table games weren’t as popular due to conspiracies that the games might be fixed and not offer accurate results. Even though no proof was ever announced about these conspiracies, it still made players very skeptical about trying out the games. However, not that live dealer games are available, the entire accuracy and fairness concern has left the building as players can see the actual dealer at all times. This means it’s just about impossible for any unfair results to be presented as all move are seen, and the number of players at the table can change within seconds.

Live Casino

Play against live dealers from comfort of your own sofa

Mobile live casinos are also now becoming available, offering players the opportunity to access the best live dealer platforms in the world via their smartphones and tablets. Th same gaming experience is presented where the dealer and the full table can be seen, but now you don’t need to wait to get back to your PC for the best reward opportunities.

Microgaming is most well-known for their creations regarding online slots and progressive jackpot games. However, the developer has also created one of the most impressive live dealer platforms in the world and provides players with a great selection of games and options. These include Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, and Roulette for the time being. Each of these games provides a broad selection of betting options, starting at a low $1.00 per bet and ranging up to thousands for high rollers. Those of you who use strategies are also sure to enjoy the table limits as they are set far apart and have the ability to accommodate any betting method.

Microgaming features 2 different table types with their live dealer games. This includes their standard gaming options, which has green tables and professionally dressed dealers, and then there is the Playboy table game option, which makes things a bit more interesting with the Playboy these. However, a professional gaming opportunity is still presented with the Playboy option, but tables appear in red, and the dealers wear Playboy bunny outfits to offer the game. Bother variations work with standard game rules and dealers are always professional when it comes to offering the game.

How Live Dealer Games Work

Live dealer casino games provide a gaming experience where the dealer can be seen on the screen along with the table. This means you get to see what the dealer does, what the results of each hand is, and also enjoy various betting options as found with virtual table games.

Microgaming is one of the best online live casino providers along with their impressive selection of video slots. The developer provides its live dealer games from various parts in the world, including their studio in Toronto, Canada. In the studio, there are different types of casino tables, just like the ones you would find in a land-based casino. Each of the games has multiple cameras pointing towards the tables and the cameras communicate with the server and provide live video of the table and dealer.

Once you sign into a live dealer game, the internet will connect you to the server and present and window on your display, which provides a video feed of the particular table game you have selected. Microgaming has created a virtual layover on their tables, allowing players to place their bets on the table. Not only does this create a realistic experience, but it also allows professional players to take advantage of the games they know best without having to learn how betting works.

All bets are placed in a computer-generated manner as online accounts are used to play the game. This also means that playouts take place virtually, which is a lot faster and players don’t need to wait for the dealer to work out the payments to each winning player.

Most Popular Live Dealer Games

As mentioned above, there are 2 variations of easy live dealer game in Microgaming casinos. This includes the Playboy version and the standard game. Both variations include the same rules with different layouts.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em Poker provides a single hand variation of the game with all the standard game rules. This includes placing an Ante bet to play the next round, a Call bet to place an additional bet and play through to the end of the game. The table also includes an AA bet, which provides additional payouts for any hand consisting of 2 Aces before the community cards are placed on the table.


Baccarat is available in different game types, including multi-hand and a mini-Baccarat. Both games consist of the same game rules, but if you are interested in taking advantage of side bet options, the multi-hand variation is the one to go for. The game also provides stats and game history information for all players to used and place more accurate bets.


Blackjack from Microgaming comes in a multi-hand variation, allowing 7 players to enjoy the game at the same time. Microgaming also includes multiple tables, meaning there will always be a seat waiting for you. The game uses a 8 deck shoe, the dealer stands on all 17’s, and all other games options are included, such as double down, hit, stand, and split.


Roulette is played with the European variation at Microgaming casinos. The game uses standard betting options and a much selection of chip values along the side of the table. Players can also see the other players at the table and strike up a chat with anyone, including the dealer. As for the game, all betting options are available, and limits are far enough apart for any betting strategy.